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data management

Strict quality control process is an effective means for Xiongshengxin to ensure that customers use "zero defect" products, and powerful IT systems, real-time quality control database management is the strongest backup. Detailed information of all incoming and outgoing goods will be uploaded to Xiongshengxin Quality Control Database for archiving, including:

Quality control sheet, detailed record of goods warehousing information

Sample filing

Filing and Photographing of Purchase Details

Shipment Details Photographed and Archived

Documentation of non-conforming goods, Supplier submit corresponding supplier audit/grading management system process

Quality Testing and Analysis Tools/Report Archives

File the contact information of the original factory

Moreover, in order to continuously strengthen the strength of the quality inspection department, Xiongshengxin regularly organizes relevant learning courses and experience exchanges to enrich the professional knowledge of our quality inspection engineers and keep pace with the times.

Data manipulation

Quality is our most basic commitment to our customers. We only provide the original package products that strictly meet the technical standards of the original factory. We strictly comply with the requirements of ISO quality control. All materials are in storage and 100% out of storage.

Comparing the technical data of the original factory with the electronic component ontology and its packaging

Comparisons of electronic component ontology and its packaging with internal database

Basic Performance Measurement of Electronic Components and Photo Retention Database for Collecting Input Materials

The function of electronic components, environmental protection and other requirements of customers, together with third-party testing partner China Saibao Laboratory, to issue electronic test reports.

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